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NINGBO QINGQI METAL PRODUCTS CO LTD the factory is specializing in producing kinds of terminal blocks and brass fittings The existing equipment including 8 injection molding machine 16 electric furnaces 2 copper wire drawing machines and so on Our company is very keen on protecting the environment so the company are equipped with 3 smelting furnace degusting equipment and a sewage treatment facility In terms of quality testing We have the Spectrometer OBLF from Germany and 3 high tech intelligent assay apparatus which ensures the raw and furnace material elements testing and the precision of machining products The company in 2001 has passed the IS09001 and takes this as an opportunity to...

Categories and Products

Bath and Shower Faucets Accessories

Brass Fittings

Popular Standard Brass Fittings Universal Brass Pipe Fittings High Quality Brass Compression Fitting Universal Copper Brass Fittings Universal Copper Brass Fittings Customized Brass Compression Brass Fitting Male Female Parker Brass Fittings for Water System Plumbing Material Brass Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Custom Brass connectors Brass Water Fittings Factory Supply High Precision Machining Brass Fitting Factory Supply High Precision Machining Brass Fitting High Quality Forged brass fittings Brass Made Pipe fitting factory Brass Factory Supply High Precision Machining Brass Hosefittings Low Price High Precision Machining Brass Hosefittings Finely Processed Suspended Brass Fitting Low Price Brass Copper Pipe Fitting Connector Factory Supply Brass Compression Fittings International Brass fittings lowes 

Brass Pin Plug

American and Japan UL Pin Plug

American Pin Plug Insert Universal American Pin Plug American Pin Plug Fitting 

European and VDE Hollow Pin Plug

High quality European Plug Two pole European Pin Plug Cheap European pin plug 

Brazilian NBR Pin Plug

Universal Brazilian Pin Plug Standard Brazilian Pin Plug Cheap Brazil brass pin plug Universal Brazilian NBR Pin Plug Insert Brazilian Plug insertion site 

Korea KC Plug Pin Plug

Universal Korea pin plug Standard Korea Pin Plug High quality Korea pin plug Punctal Korea Plug Insertion Ford Spark Korea Plug Insert 

South Africa SABS and BS 546 Pin Plug

Standard South Africa pin plug Universal South Africa Pin Plug Cheap South Africa Pin Plug 

Thailand TIS Pin Plug

Standard Thailand Pin Plug Popular Thailand Pin Plug Universal Thailand Pin Plug 

Israel SI32 Pin Plug

Standard Israel Pin Plug Universal Israel Pin Plug Standard Israel Pin Plugs 2-prong Israel Plug Insert Standard Israel Pin Plug Insert Israel Plug insert crimping machine 

Italy CEI Pin Plug

Universal Italy Pin Plug Standard Italy Pin Plug High quality Italy Pin Plug 

Swiss SEV Pin Plug

Universal Swiss Pin Plug Standard Swiss Pin Plug Cheap Swiss Pin Plug Swiss high quality Pin Plug 

Other Standard Pin Plug

Universal Japan Pin Plug Standard British Pin Plugs 

Plug Insert

American and Japan UL Pin Plug Insert

Electric American and Japan Pin Plug Insert Popular American Pin Plug Insert Standard Universal American Pin Plug Insert 

European and VDE Hollow Plug Insert

Popular European pin plug European Howllow Pin Plug Insert European Hollow Pin Plug Inserts 

Brazilian NBR Plug Insert

Standard Brazilian Plug Insert HIgh Quality Brazilian NBR Plug Insert Popular Standard Brazilian Pin Plug Insert 

Korea KC Plug Plug Insert

Universal Korea Plug Insert 2 pin Korea Plug Insert 4.8mm Korea Pin Plug Insert 

South Africa SABS & BS 546 Plug Insert

Hot sale factory South Africa Pin Plug Insert Large South africa plug insert Small South Africa Plug Insert 

Thailand TIS Plug Insert

2-pin Thailand Plug Insert Universal Thailand Plug INsert 3-prong Thailand Plug Insert 

Israel SI32 Plug Insert

Israel plug insert for cords plugs Universal Israel Plug Insert 

Italy CEI Plug Insert

Universal Italy Electrical Plug Insert Popular Universal Italy Pin Plug Insert New Italy CEI Plug Insert 

Swiss SEV Plug Insert

Professional Swiss Plug Insert Universal standard Swiss Plug Insert 

Other Standard Plug Insert

Standard Popular Japan Plug Insert British insert standard plug Insert 

Brass Terminals and Connectors

Plug Terminal Block

International Universal Pluggable Terminal Blocks High Quality Terminal Block Popular Plugggable Terminal Blocks Universal Pluggable Terminal Block Low Price Pluggable Terminal Block New Connector Pluggable Terminal Block World Famous Pluggable Terminal Block High Quality Universal Terminal Block 

Barrier Terminal Block

Standard Barrier Terminal Block Factory Barrier Terminal Block Popular Barrier Terminal Block High Quality Barrier Terminal Blocks Electrical Barrier Terminal Block Customized connector pluggable terminal block Barrier Terminal Block Bunnings Barrier Terminal block boat Barrier Terminal block allen bradley 

Screw Terminal Block

Connector PCB screw terminal block Connector High Quality PCB screw terminal block Pcb universal screw terminal block connector Popular Screw Terminal Block Low Price Screwless Terminal Block Professional Screwless Terminal Block Screw Terminal block burndy 

Spring Terminal Block

Professionl Spring Terminal Block Universal Spring Terminal Block High Quality Spring Terminal Blocks Factory Customized Spring Terminal Block Phoenix Contact Spring Terminal Block Plastic PCB Spring Terminal Block Low Price Spring Terminal Blocks Terminal block connector manufacturers Spring Terminal Block Jumper Spring Terminal block allen bradley Spring Terminal block bunnings 

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